About Halifax, MA

The town of Halifax is situated in Southeastern Massachusetts and considered the Heart of Plymouth County. It is located 28 miles from Boston and 12 miles from Plymouth. It contains 11,285 acres; 1700 of it water and about 200 swamp.

There is one pond in Halifax that is apt to be heard called by different names. One is Monponsett Pond. The other is Twin Lakes, or East and West Monponsett Pond.
According to tradition, the first family to locate here was John and Mary Tomson erecting a log house on what is known as Thompson Street today.
Samuel Sturtevant was one of the first settlers, establishing himself near Monponsett Pond. He is said to have built the first gristmill in the area off Furnace Street. Both families were very prominent in Halifax for many generations.
By an act of the General Court the Town of Halifax was incorporated on July 4, 1734 (New Style). We are the only town in the Commonwealth to have this honor. It was formed from parts of the towns of Middleborough, Pembroke and Plympton. On February 20, 1824 a part of the town of Bridgewater was annexed to Halifax, and on March 16, 1831, a part of the town of Plympton was annexed. On April 11, 1857, a part of Halifax was annexed to East Bridgewater and the bounds between the two towns established. On February 6, 1863 the bounds between Halifax and Plympton were established, and a part of each town was annexed to the other.
It was named in honor of the Earl of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

Adapted from http://www.town.halifax.ma.us